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Purchase of Polish ready-made company with PL VAT number

Do you need to start your business in Poland?
Polish company
for immediate start of your new project in Poland?

Polish ready-made company, non-VAT payer or VAT payer is the right solution for you! If you need to quickly and immediately start your new business in Poland...

Then, the member of ELYOTT INVESTMENT GROUP Inc. is the right partner for you. We have been on the market since 2005 and in that time we had successfully served thousands of clients who wanted to enter market in Poland and expand their business in European Union. At present, our client can purchase our Polish ready-made company with PL VAT number, we are able to set up a business anywhere in Poland, our offices are based in Bratislava (Slovakia), Komarno (Slovakia) and Prague (Czech republic) or Brno (Czech republic) but we are able to provide you our service in any area of Poland. Thanks to our wide portfolio of services, we are able to provide our clients with virtual office in Warszawa or another Polish cities.

Polish ready-made company and its advantages

  • ready-made company is already formed and visible in Business register of Poland
  • was formed exclusively for the purpose to be sold to a client
  • has never run any business, has no debts or claims
  • has fully paid-up capital (basic capital)
  • has wide range of free trade licenses
  • is immediately ready to be sold to a client (within 1 hour)
  • new director can act in the name of company right after the general assembly
  • it has its ID number and tax number (PL VAT tax number) - which can be checked at VIES page

Quick start of your business - purchase of Polish ready-made company

You don't have to wait several weeks to incorporate your new Polish company anymore, you can simply buy Polish READY-MADE company (which is VAT payer or non-VAT payer). Purchase of Polish READY-MADE company saves your time, which can be used for more important things.

We always incorporate several companies for our clients ahead, so everytime our client needs to start the business in Poland, we are ready to serve!

Simplicity and speed!

  • fast and trouble-free sale of the company within 1 day
  • just ID card or passport needs to be submitted
  • no need to submit a criminal record
  • you don't have to travel anywhere, everything can be processed remotely without personal visit
  • we are also ready to meet with you in our office in Bratislava, Komarno, Brno or Prague!

The price for Polish ready-made company includes:

  • professional consultation, comprehensive advice
  • all documents necessary to transfer the shares of the Polish ready-made company
  • notary services
  • registration the changes in the company at the commercial register, including stamp duty
  • new company Extract from Business register
  • income tax number and PL VAT number (the status of the VAT payer)

Additional costs and services!

  • notary fees
  • bilingual document preparation (bilingual documents, optional, only on client's instruction)
  • official translation of documents from foreign language into Polish (if necessary) is the right choice!

  • competitive prices from the very first cooperation
  • even better prices for stable and loyal clients
  • we are a verified partner for more than a decade
  • documents prepared by a law firm
  • each of our clients is a partner for us, with the potential for future cooperation
  • we always process everything instead of you, you only sign the necessary documents

Are you still hesitating?

You have also the possibility to purchase your new Polish READY-MADE company with another additional services, such as virtual office services with online application for incoming post administration, registered seat, bookkeeping.

Related and additional services:


Registered seat
Virtual office

Registered seat Exclusive address

Your new company at representative address in Bratislava. Full administrative support.


Post evidence Online application

Online app for managing your incoming mails, you have everything under control now.


Post evidence
Mail management
Data box

Mail management At

Do you need to manage Electronic Data box of your company?



  • registered seat and virtual office services in Warszawa, or other Polish cities
  • bookkeeping services
  • bank account opening assistance
  • incorporation of a foreign company
  • car registration and all services related to it



Ready-made companies pricing

Ready-made companies pricing

Our prices for Polish ready-made s.r.o. company are fair and transparent. You won't experience any hidden feesstrong>, you always know how much you pay for any service with us.



Do you like our offer?
Purchase of Polish ready-made company - step by step

Simple steps how to purchase your new Polish company.

  • 1. Objednávka

    1. Objednávka

    Vyplňte prosím buď NEZÁVÄZNÚ objednávku alebo ZÁVÄZNÚ objednávku uvedenú nižšie, alebo nás telefonicky kontaktujte. Následne Vám zašleme e-mail, ktorý bude obsahovať zoznam údajov potrebných pre uskutočnenie predaja slovenskej ready-made spoločnosti.
  • 2. Príprava

    2. Príprava

    Po obdržaní údajov Vám naši odborníci zabezpečia prípravu kompletných listín. Jedná sa hlavne o dokumentáciu súvisiacu s predajom spoločnosti, ktorú Vám zašleme so všetkými potrebnými inštrukciami.
  • 3. Komunikácia

    3. Komunikácia

    Po podpísaní dokumentov zabezpečíme komunikáciu s úradmi ako je obchodný register, okresný úrad odbor živnostenského podnikania, daňový úrad, v prípade potreby aj zastupovanie pri otvorení nového bankového účtu alebo ostatné služby podľa vašich požiadaviek.
  • 4. Odovzdanie

    4. Odovzdanie

    Odovzdáme Vám kompletnú dokumentáciu, vrátane výpisu z Obchodného registra a Vy môžete začať podnikať.

Non-binding order form

Non-binding order form Smart and easy online form

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We are looking forward to our cooperation!


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