NEW SLOVAK company formation

 New Slovak company formation. Only for 449 € w/full assistance! The BEST price offer on the market.

Czech READY-MADE s.r.o. VAT payer

 Czech READY-MADE company with CZ VAT number from 2.999 € immediately for sale! Virtual office in Prague.

Slovak READY-MADE s.r.o. VAT payer

 Slovak READY-MADE company with SK VAT number from 3.499 €! Companies non-VAT payers for 599 available!

Hungarian KFT company VAT payer

 Hungarian KFT company with HU VAT number from 1.099 immediately for sale! Virtual office in Gyor.

Virtual ADDRESS in Bratislava, SK

 Virtual OFFICE for 399 €/ year! Including mail receiving and forwarding!

British LTD company w/virtual address

 British LTD company formation from 599 € !  Virtual address in London, accounting services.

Contact informations

 (+421) 948 600 200
 Klincova 37/B, Bratislava
Ruzinov office center
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Czech republic
(+420) 2 3474 9656
 Rybna 716/24, Prague
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Slovak READY-MADE companies non / EU SK VAT payer

 Slovak READY-MADE companies:
non-payer VAT (ID, taxID) - 599 €
SK VAT payer (ID, EU VAT number) - 1.099 €
SK VAT payer (ID, SK VAT number) - 3.499 €
Czech READY-MADE companies:
CZ VAT payer (ID, EU VAT number) - 1.399 €
CZ VAT payer (ID, CZ VAT number) - 2.999 €

We provide prestige virtual ADDRESSES in Europe

SK: Bratislava - Klincova street, new building
CZ: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, 20 locations
HU: Gyor, Budapest
, professional address
UK: London
, prestige address

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions!

Start your business in Slovakia and Czech republic with us!

We at, member of a ELYOTT INVESTMENTS GROUP Inc. are professionals, who for more than 9 years help the clients in discreet and quick Slovak company formation, Slovak READY-MADE company purchase, we also provide registered seat/address and virtual office in Bratislava, Slovakia. RECENTLY you can now purchase our Slovak READY-MADE s.r.o. company with EU SK VAT (value added tax) number, so you can use your new Slovak company ANYWHERE across the EU (European Union)!

      We are seated in Prague and Bratislava and provide full services to our clients:

As part of our comprehensive services we are able also to provide services in areas such as establishment of companies in onshore and offshore destinations, anonymity of ownership, protection of property.

With our rich international 9-year experience we also help you to:

  • incorporate Czech company S.R.O. with prestige virtual address in Prague, so company formation in Czech republic with us is really easy,
  • purchase Czech ready made company S.R.O. with CZ VAT number and virtual address in Prague, so you can start your business in Czech republic immediately,
  • register your car in Czech republic and get Czech license plate on your car,
  • incorporate British LTD company with virtual address in London, so company formation in Great Britain UK via our company is a good decision,  
  • incorporate Hungarian KFT company with HU VAT number and virtual address in Budapest or Gyor within 1-2 days (!), so company formation in Hugary is very easy,
  • incorporate American Delaware LLC company or INC corporation with prestige virtual office and address,
  • incorporate Romanian SRL company with RO VAT number and virtual address.

We provide to our clients another additional services as well - such as opening Slovak bank account, registration at all state agencies, bookkeping services, web pages creation and many more.


We provide also these addresses:

 Klincova street, Bratislava 50 €/month
Ruzinovska street, Bratislava 50 €/month
Mail receiving and forwarding is included!
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Professional bookkeeping

 We also provide professional bookkeeping services through our partner company. Get informed about prices.

List of available READY-MADE companies

 We have always several READY-MADE companies.
START your business IMMEDIATELY in 45 minutes.
READY-MADE companies with SK VAT number!
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     BEST prices for you!
    Company formation for 499 €
    READY-MADE company 699 €    
    Seat for 40 € / month



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Virtual OFFICE Slovakia Bratislava

 Virtual office from 5 €/month! The best offer in Bratislava, you won't find anything better!


We have served hundreds of clients

 incorporated 617 new companies
sold 581 ready-made companies
provided 437 registered addresses